EAT Rewards


There are many benefits offered to you as a member of the Elite Assurance Team when you’re working with the Elite Resource Team - Team Based Model. Working within this Unique Ecosystem brings with it many advantages that you see below and are just some of the many opportunities that come from working within the Elite Family.

Earn 15% More

Earn an Extra 15% Immediately with your Commissions - by being Contracted through EAT when using Life Insurance with an ERT Specialist.

If advisors or agents are contracted through the Elite Assurance Team - they earn an additional 15% of the life insurance revenue split when using ERT Specialists. If an advisor or agent is contracted with another IMO outside of EAT when using Life Insurance with a given ERT specialist, then it will reduce the advisor’s compensation by 15%. 
This is a quick way to establish your business as a more profitable one immediately, along with many other rewards that are explained below!


Catalyst, Accelerator and Fusion Mastermind Sponsorship with EAT

A very nice benefit EAT offers is to sponsor an advisor or agent into the ERT Catalyst, Accelerator or Fusion Mastermind membership. The only requirement is doing a certain amount of production with EAT. This is evaluated monthly for each advisor and they must hit certain thresholds each month. Any production they do above the minimum required production number will carry forward for up to one year from the paid date from the carrier. So, it is possible to hit one nice sized case of any type with EAT and have their Catalyst, Accelerator or Fusion Mastermind membership sponsored for up to one year.

EAT Carrier Commission & Marketing Bonus Levels

EAT Carrier Compensation & Marketing Bonus Levels are earned to help with business expenses and will be based on total street commission received by the agent from the carrier. This will allow all products without discrepancy or prejudice to be calculated by commission received by the agent form the carrier and represent the total street commission in any month of paid production. Marketing bonuses will be calculated and earned monthly. Once a marketing bonus level is attained, it will be retroactive to dollar one and it will apply to all carriers and products available through Elite Assurance Team.

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