If you use Annuities as a way to fill the needs of your clients, Elite Assurance Team is the right fit for you. We have the experience and the tools to provide the best possible resources to propel your business to a different level. What are the results? You helping more people and spending less time doing it. When our Team is able to help you work more efficiently and effectively on each client you serve, your time is better spent on what is important, helping more of the right client’s. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s talk.

Back-Office Team

The Back-Office Team helps you determine the best option for your client’s situation. Your Team members factor in the client’s goals and supplies you with the best solution to meet their needs. This allows us to help you develop and deliver your plan keeping you doing what you do best, helping more clients.

Case Design

Annuity products have many options and you want to be sure you are recommending the best possible product that meets your customers objectives. Meeting your customers’ needs is of the upmost importance. That’s why our Team has understanding of the industry, carrier relationships, and in-depth product knowledge to help you find the right solution that meets your customer’s needs. It is nice to know you have an Elite Back-Office Team working with you, because the less time you spend working in the business, the more time you can spend working on your business.


Annuity preparation is sometimes done after hours. For the times when you need to check product options on nights and weekends, we have AnnuitySpecs. If you need to Search for and compare products when it’s most convenient for you, AnnuitySpecs can support you in providing needed details:

  • Product specifications in clear terms for quick assessment
  • Side-by-side product comparisons for competitive analysis
  • Advanced search tools with the ability to save your searches for quick access
  • Real-time product rate comparisons

Annuities Genius

Annuities Genius offers to save you time, our back-office team utilizes Annuities Genius to provide you up to date research and reports by offering you a comprehensive annuities database with access to dozens of carriers and their annuities to best supply you with product recommendations. From income comparisons, index analysis and backtesting, VA fee and transition reports, MYGA reports, death benefit reports and more. All of this can help increase sales and can be used as a point-of-sale tool to increase credibility with clients. You will have the comfort knowing we are doing our research behind the scenes to help you deliver the best results for your clients.

Annuities Genius Deliverables:

  • VA Transition Report
    Show your clients how a transition from a VA with high fees compares to an Indexed Annuity over the long term. (sample report)
  • Income Calculators
    Not just an income calculator, these reports include filters for nursing home doublers, increasing income, income riders with no fees or performance driven income riders.
  • Index Tracker
    With so many proprietary indexes out there it’s hard to make sense of it all. What is hypothetical versus historical? This report allows you to easily see index inception date, performance since inception and backtested index performance.
  • MYGA Report
    MYGA reports include details on carrier rating, free withdrawal, issue ages premiums etc…
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