Disability Income

What if you lost your ability to earn income for an extended period of time. For most people, their income represents their largest asset over the course of their entire career. This becomes real when looking at the value of their income asset in comparison to everything else they are already insuring. This is why disability Income solutions is one of the most under-utilized financial planning needs.

Elite Assurance Team has partnered with OneProtection for Disability Income Presentation Software. A simple yet powerful way to present income protection! This software is used to present the carrier of your choice and to allows a clear path in your business to turn both personal and business planning opportunities into valuable and efficient solutions. Your disability income needs have never been shown more clearly than now. Whether you are completing and funding a buy-sell or covering individual client disability needs, EAT Disability Income offers complete planning options.

At Elite Assurance Team, we understand that expanding your disability product knowledge, sales skills, and customer needs is important for your business’s development and growth. We offer our financial professionals access to a full spectrum of industry-leading disability solutions.

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