At Elite Assurance Team our objective is to create the “WOW FACTOR” in delivering the best experience the industry offers by working with our Producer Group. It all starts with you having a systematized process of bringing you on-board by getting you contracted with the carrier(s) of your choice. Then being able to deliver your Annuity and/or Life Insurance contract in the quickest and most efficient way.

Surancebay - SureLC

When it comes to contracting we use SureLC, which greatly simplifies the contracting process to help you get contracted faster. You only need to have your information entered one time with SureLC, then you are able to get contracted with the carrier(s) of your choice with one application. You don’t have to deal with multiple applications. All you need to do is complete the SureLC profile in good order and we take care of the rest.

Submitting Business

We offer a variety of ways to submit your Annuity and/or Life Insurance business so you can work the way you feel most comfortable. Whether you’re submitting through fax, email, mail, or our innovative electronic submission platforms, we are happy to support you every step of the way.


Your workflow can involve electronic applications through that can simplify and speed up the process of doing business. The Annuity and/or Life Insurance applications can be completed much quicker and lead to greater efficiency in processing apps and insure less paperwork. E-Apps can provide a better overall experience for you and your clients. This helps the client get what they need on average 7 days quicker by reducing NIGO’s and speeding up processing times. This allows you to help more people and spend less time doing it.

Smart Office – Smart View

Once you get contracted with EAT you have an on-line CRM that shows you all relevant details of your submitted cases with EAT. We use Smart Office-Smart View for Advisors which provides a real-time pending case status and underwriting updates online. Advisors and agents access their information via user ID and password, eliminating the need for time-consuming telephone calls and helping them to serve their clients faster and more effectively.

Commission Tracking

Commission Tracking is provided for Advisors through Smart Commissions and helps you calculate and track commissions due and paid for each policy sold. In addition, forecast expected commissions and reconcile payments from the carriers. In addition to your street commissions being paid directly by the carrier, EAT Pays bonus commissions. These bonus payouts are paid to help with business expenses and are available on all eligible products based on your production. See a complete description under the Rewards Tab – Bonus Level Payouts.

While we make every effort to keep commission data up to date within the software, there may be discrepancies from time to time. Ultimately carrier data will trump data given within SmartOffice. If there is a discrepancy, we will happily look into it to make sure you are paid correctly by the carrier.

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