The Platform

Positioning you as the most relevant advisor to your clients.

Client expectations are changing. Now, more than ever, they want comprehensive solutions to their biggest financial and professional challenges. To continue to serve your clients, you need to evolve your practice into a true business advisory firm focused on meeting the complex needs of your most valued clients. 

Through our partnership with Elite Resource Team, which transitions you from a 20th Century Advisor to becoming a 21st Century Advisor. This is done by partnering you with CPAs with training, systems and coaching, while providing you and your clients with the breadth of services of a Virtual Family Office.

The Result – You Become the Most Relevant and Trusted Advisor to Your Most Valued Clients

EAT - Independent Producer Group

As an independent producer group, we give our agents the flexibility and freedom to choose which products to offer and how to structure their practice to best serve their clients. We have relationships with all major insurance carriers and access to nearly every proprietary product in the market.

In addition to the marketing resources available through Elite Resource Team, the independent producer group delivers what we believe is the best potential lead source available. Relationships built through CPAs provide for the combination of highest value clients and business owners with the highest degree of trust. When the relationship is built with their most trusted advisor, their CPA, the CPA is directly endorsing you!

These Elite Resource Team proven systems are offered by Elite Assurance Team in exchange for your production. This relationship between ERT and EAT represents the first turn-key sales system of its kind in the financial industry.

CPA Partnerships

With the Elite Resource Team model, CPAs are actively identified in order for our agents to receive the most rewarding CPA partnerships and relationships. EAT agents are supplied with a proven system to help develop these CPA partnerships and ongoing coaching and support to successfully onboard profitable CPA relationships. The nature of the relationship results in CPAs that are ready and eager to work with our agents.

Virtual Family Office

Elite Resource Team has a team of highly qualified experts and service providers with solutions for tax, financial, insurance, legal and other business needs. From structuring successions, to driving business growth, ERT’s experts can address the most complex problems facing your clients and turn them into revenue generating opportunities.

Executive Coaching

Through our Partnership with Elite Resource Team, our agents and their CPA partnerships receive executive coaching from a skilled team of experienced business professionals and successful agents. Coaches help you navigate through the challenges of running your business and capitalizing on the opportunities to grow and scale profitably.

Establishing Your Lead source: Becoming the Most Relevant and Trusted Advisor to Your Most Valued Clients.

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