Who We Are

National Team. Best in Class Results.

Elite Assurance Team provides growth minded advisors and agents with a flexible platform and full range of products and services that they can customize to meet their professional and client goals. We do this as an Independent Producer Group that combines the best insurance carriers and products to give agents the freedom to choose the right solutions for their clients. We go one step further, empowering the agents with a high-powered team designed to position them as the most trusted professional for their clients.

Our Platform is Powered by a Strategic Partnership between Elite Assurance Team & Elite Resource Team.

Together they provide the CPA Partnerships and Virtual Family Office that positions agents as one of the most trusted and most critical relationships for the client. Our Elite Team helps agents leverage the breadth of solutions provided by our independent Producer Group. Additional guidance and support is provided with practice management, leadership, CPA Partnerships, and effectively marketing and growing an insurance practice.

The Result is a fully customized solution that helps you build the 21st Century Practice that meets the needs of your high value clients.

Our Mission

To maximize the potential of every client our companies serve.

Our Culture

Optimistic (outlook, belief), Committed (work ethic, passion), Visionaries (bigger picture, future)

Our Core Principles

  1. Craftsmanship
    Everything we do is at an elite level with attention to detail and commitment to quality. 
  2. Unorthodox
    No company has ever disrupted an industry by following the crowd. We live in the blue ocean.
  3. Collaboration
    A team with a shared vision will always prevail over a talented individual.
  4. Competitive
    Welcome competition, recognizing that it pushes innovation and refines skills. May the best team win.
  5. Full Transparency
    Honest and transparent, even if it comes at the cost of short-term victories.
  6. Take Ownership
    Own it! Acknowledge mistakes, take responsibility for the outcome, and never stop improving.
  7. Long-Term Thinking
    Make short-term sacrifices for long-term success.
  8. Client Focused
    What’s best for the client is ultimately what’s best for everyone.

Our Story

With 50 years of combined financial planning experience, Ken Smith and Anton Anderson joined forces to build Elite Assurance Team. Since 2010 they have specialized in working with CPAs and attorneys, and used their experience to create a Producer Group with one goal in mind: Build a first-class organization that helps Financial Advisors stay ahead of the industry curve by working with CPAs and attorneys in a proven and efficient system.

Elite Assurance Team

An experienced team of insurance experts delivering an independent Producer Group experience to growth minded agents. 

Elite Resource Team

Supports Elite Members on a day to day basis to help you grow your business and help you grow personally.

Virtual Family Office

Top national experts in tax planning, legal services, risk mitigation, wealth management, and business advisory services.

Want to learn more about how we elevate growth minded agents?